Meet Jennifer…

CROSSTRAIN180-JENNIFER-BAI started doing Amy’s boot camp program in August of 2013. I have never been into exercise as a way of life. It was something I only did every now and then when I would try to lose weight. I never would exercise in public because I was just too embarrassed by the way I looked. But with Amy, I received great encouragement and the embarrassment became a faded memory with the positive atmosphere and spiritual edification that was always a driving factor to press on. It became fun to work out. I have learned that this is not just a short-term fix to a life of bad habits. Amy has instilled in me a desire to change my lifestyle for life. While I have started my weight loss journey three different times and have lost over 100 total pounds, Amy’s methods have shown me how to eat clean, burn fat, and build lean muscle. I can now run and not get as winded as before. I’m strong! Amy has helped me lose 33 pounds in eleven months and an attitude of I can’t!
~ Jennifer Dugan

Meet Karrie…

CROSSTRAIN180-KARRIE-AAmy Smith and her CROSSTRAIN 180 program have completely changed my life – spiritually, physically, and mentally. At the age of 38, I am in the best shape and health now than I have ever been. I now know how to eat ‘clean’ and to make healthier choices for not only me but also my family. We are all given the gift of life. It is our choice to feed it and take care of it properly. You won’t regret purchasing and committing to the CROSSTRAIN 180 challenge!
~ Karrie Stahl

Meet Jessica…

CROSSTRAIN180-JESSICA-ABeing healthy and in shape has always been a priority of mine. When I started CROSSTRAIN 180, I not only became more physically fit, lost pounds and inches, but I gained a life-long friendship. Amy’s workouts are not only for our physical appearance but also for our minds to be focused and our hearts to grow. Amy is committed to her Team and is always challenging us with creative routines. She is highly educated on nutrition and can help you with questions you may have on healthy eating. Amy is so full of inspiration and God-driven. Her heart to help people is real! There is no better feeling than to get an excellent workout, a shower, and have your mind set RIGHT to start your day! PROP
~ Jessica Evans

Meet Melanie…

CROSSTRAIN180-MELANIE-BAI began this journey not knowing what to expect, but I had to do something. I joined Amy’s boot camp in March and in just a couple of months was down 8 pounds of body fat! This was enough to keep me going. Through Amy’s program, I learned that I can do this and that I am worth something! I am down 13 pounds now. Before going to boot camp I was sure I was never going to lose any weight, but with Amy’s help and a lot of courage, I have begun to make myself a better person. It’s not about the numbers. It’s about the self-esteem I’ve gained and the will to fight for myself! Amy is an amazing trainer with a heart for God. She has made a difference in my life!
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Philippians 4:13
~ Melanie Dunn

Meet Jacquelyn…

CROSSTRAIN180-JACQUELINE-AAmy is not only passionate about fitness and health, but she shows true caring for all who attend CROSSTRAIN 180. Over the past year, she has helped me to get stronger, healthier, and to build on my faith significantly. Her workouts are creative, challenging, and fun! If you are looking to change your life for the better – body, mind and spirit – Amy will guide you, support you and encourage you. Her enthusiastic commitment to the program and her clients allows for great success and helps you to set a new foundation for a healthier, more fit lifestyle.
~ Jacquelyn Cato