Summer Fit Camp – Only $60!!

4 Week Online Challenge with Amy Smith

June 4th, 2018 – June 29th, 2018

ONLY $60: That’s just a little over $2 a day to totally change your body, mind, and life!!
YOU ARE WORTH IT! (SAVE $200; this entire package is easily valued at $260)
– 4 weekly Live webinars with Amy*
– Private fb group page with recipes, tips, motivation, support, community, etc
– Amy’s daily “Word of the Day” 60-second Christ-inspired, motivational, and faith-driven videos uploaded to our private fb group page every day at 6:30am
– Easy-to-follow weekly meal plans sent every Friday so that you can shop and prepare for the next week’s meals/snacks/drinks
– Clean eating grocery list sent via email
– Amy’s basic weekly fitness workouts with coinciding workout schedule**
– Amy’s motivational and inspirational texts sent every day, starting June 4th and ending June 29th, to keep you accountable, focused, and inspired*Weekly Live Webinars – Amy will take you through an empowering and inspiring 20 minute Fit Camp workout each week PLUS a 30-45 minute chat to discuss practical and helpful ways to be at your best – body, mind and spirit- as she talks about faith, fitness, food and family
(Live webinars will be recorded so that you may view at a later time if unable to join in live!)
👉 All info + dates and times will be sent to you via email once you sign up!
**For Amy’s “CrossTrain180 Fit Camp On Demand” subscribers, receive weekly Fit Camp workout schedules posted on our private fb page every Sunday evening to accelerate your results and work your entire body properly and effectively.

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As seen on Fox 2, “Amy’s Favorite Protein Bar Recipe”

CT-180-Logo-small-webIf you truly want change, you have to be changed from the inside out. CROSSTRAIN 180 helps you to discipline your entire self. We don’t just focus on the body. We focus on the complete YOU! This program is incredibly powerful, unique, and revolutionary. It’s a 180-degree ‘fitness’ turnaround that has the ability to change your life! BUY CROSSTRAIN 180 NOW!

CROSSTRAIN 180 is a forty-day revolutionary total fitness program consisting of six cutting-edge, exciting, and action-packed workouts along with a bonus ‘feel-the burn’ abdominal-sculpting workout that will challenge, inspire, motivate, encourage and shake your life up! You will get real results! Every single workout also features a modifier making this program suitable for virtually anyone at any fitness level.

To get you close to your goals fast, a nutritional food plan, fitness calendar with corresponding workouts, and forty of Amy’s very own daily inspirations that she created and sent to her boot camp clients to keep them focused and fired up are included in your kit.

CROSSTRAIN 180 thrives on physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines to bring out the very best in you so that you can live the very best life that God has for you. It has the potential to truly transform your life! For those who resolve to commit to the challenge and who do it with all of their heart for just forty days, life-changing results will come. Don’t waste another day of your life! Come on…let’s MOVE!!


Meet Mary Kate…

CROSSTRAIN180-MARYKATE-BAAmy Smith’s program is truly one of the greatest blessings that I’ve encountered in my life. With her guidance, training, challenging workouts and inspirational words, I’ve completely changed my mind and body and have lost over 85 pounds on my journey to being the best version of me possible. While Amy is delivering a stimulating workout that is challenging all your muscles and your mind, she is simultaneously filling you with encouraging and powerful words. She has a way of saying just what you need to hear at the exact right time to power you through that last Tabata round or that last pushup. I have done a complete 180 with my mindset and physical ability, all thanks to Amy’s programs! CROSSTRAIN 180 won’t be easy but you can do it and I promise you it will be worth it.
~ Mary Kate (Huebener) Kinder

Meet Vicki…

CROSSTRAIN180-VIKKI-BACROSSTRAIN 180 has turned my life around. The intense exercise and focus on each person giving their best leads to results. My body is stronger, and my asthma is under much better control. Through the efforts of Amy Smith, and the CROSSTRAIN 180 Team, we grow in mind, body, spirit, and soul. It’s not about how much I have lost, but how much I’ve gained.
~ Vicki K. Young, Family Nurse Practitioner

If you set your mind to PROP: Persist. Resolve. Overcome. And Persevere. – All the way through, I assure you that this journey will refresh and challenge you and take your life to the next level. ~ Amy

Meet Melissa…

CROSSTRAIN180-MELISSA-BAI met Amy in 2012, ready to change and take my life back. I joined her boot camp program and discovered that it was not easy but very challenging. I will tell you that there where many times I wanted to quit. But I am NOT a quitter. And as Amy would say “Your BEST is yet to come! Don’t quit. Quitting is NOT an option.” Amy was there every step of the way. She is a very inspirational and motivating person. I relied on her daily messages to keep me focused and to get me through the day. Not only did she care about my progress, she wanted me to succeed. I lost 60 pounds in nine months and have kept it off for over a year. I would have to say through Amy’s CROSSTRAIN 180 program I gained my life back. It has changed the way I live my life two years later. I still focus on exercise and eating healthy and in the fall I will be attending a college exercise class so that I may help people to get fit and healthy. Words from Amy to live by – “You’re going to have to make sacrifices for your dreams, but the cost is worth the price! Get back up and fight because your life matters!”

CT-180-Logo-small-webCROSSTRAIN 180 is revolutionary because not only will you lose weight and chisel your exterior body into a lean, mean, fighting machine, but you will begin to once and for all WIN the battle on the inside – the one that takes place in your mind, will, and emotions! You’ve got to think right to live right. Be transformed first by renewing your mind. Romans 12:2











Get Your Mind Right, Get Up, and FIGHT! Don’t waste a single day of your life!!